Author touched by writing students

Published 1:32 pm Friday, January 23, 2009

During first semester, Dr. Heidi Chambers’ “Writers’ Workshop” class read “The Bully” by Paul Langan.

The class really enjoyed this book and wrote letters to the author expressing their enjoyment of the novel.

Langon wrote the class a letter expressing his appreciation for the students.

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He wrote to Chambers, “I read each letter and was touched by the thoughtful responses from your class.”

Since the students enjoyed the novel so much, Langan decided to give each student a complete set of the Bluford series. Therefore, each student received the 16 novels that make up the series that “The Bully” began.

Along with his generous gift, Langon wrote each student the following:

“Enjoy! As you read these books, know your words have power. Today you wrote a letter that impressed an author and made him write you back. Tomorrow you may write an essay that gets you into college. Maybe one day you’ll write a law that makes the world a better place or news article that brings attention to a problem that needs to be solved. You might even end up like me and get the privilege to write stories for young people. It may sound strange now, but not too long ago, I sat in a classroom and wondered if my words mattered. Your letters proved two things: that my words mattered—and more importantly that your words matter. So keep writing and keep reading. And while you may be fans of the Bluford series, you should also know that the people behind the Bluford Series are fans of you!”