Spring Creek Fire Department gets new truck

Published 4:37 pm Monday, January 12, 2009

How satisfying it is to have reached a worthwhile goal!

It is such a rush to finally attain something that has been worked for very hard. Something which is needed very much.

This sense of accomplishment has been achieved by the Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department, the Ladies Auxiliary, the board of directors and the residents of the Lake Seminole community because they have been able to purchase a very much needed large, tanker fire truck.

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This new vehicle has the capacity to carry up to 3,000 gallons of water, almost three times the amount that can be carried by the current tanker.

The need to have this type of tanker truck has been apparent for quite some time. Some lake areas, along with other places in Seminole County, do not have ready access to large sources of water. Therefore, this precious liquid has to be brought along to the scene of a fire when the call for help is answered.

Also, many fires require a lot of water to put them out. Large homes, barns, equipment sheds all have the possibility of burning out of control if there is not enough readily available water. No one wants to have to leave the scene of a fire to get the water. The dryness of the area, the hot sun and winds are not allies of the firefighter and a fire can easily get the upper hand. If so, any structure, any one in its way is at extreme risk. With the larger tanker, the firefighters have staying power.

You can see how helpful this is, especially for our neighbors who are in that part of the county where grass fires can be so devastating.

I know, we are always hearing about the fires in California. However, did you know that Georgia is ranked No. 2 in the United States when it comes to wild fire risk?

Because of the generous donations of the community and the hard work of many, many individuals at the recent fund-raisers, there were sufficient funds to purchase the new truck. A loan will be gotten from Georgia Forestry to add the necessary equipment to make this new truck a fully functional tanker.

If we keep up the good work and support our fire department and, the fund-raisers are as exciting as this past one, we can pay off the loan before the due date!

It just goes to show what can be accomplished when people work together. For the Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department, the sky is the limit!