What do you think about a College Football Playoff System?

Published 8:01 am Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jamie ArdI think that the only fair way to determine a true champion is to take it out of the hands of voters and computers and allow teams to settle it on the field. Right now, everyone has an opinion about who should be playing for the title: USC, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and don’t forget undefeated Utah to name but a few with legitimate arguments for each. Who can really say who would beat whom? You can see just how easily a team can be upset in college football. Look how many times the “experts” have been wrong this past season and how many teams were #1 at some time or another. Any champion should have to prove it on the field, and right now that is not totally the case in college football.

With all that said, we all know that money controls the current system, and all our complaining and begging for a new system seems to be falling on deaf ears. I will also say that at least right now we have a number one playing a number two for a title, and this is at least an improvement over years past when the top two teams did not meet in a bowl.

Still, it’s still not enough, in my opinion. I think that the only fair way to name a champion is to have them settle it on the field in a play-off system.

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