Covered in ducks

Published 2:37 pm Tuesday, December 30, 2008

About noon on Christmas Day, we had a stranger come to our house in the form of the biggest kidney stone, all dressed in Santa Claus red, talken about feeling good, when you get shut of one, does it evermore feel good!

A great Christmas Day was had, all of my kids were home, one grandson, the oldest grandson could only get one day off so he went to Disney World. He lives in Orlando, Fla.

At this time of riten, (Sunday evening), 2,500 to 3,000 canvas backs are in site of Bass Island Campground here at Wingate’s Lunker Lodge. Down past the duck refuge, there is another 2,000 to 2,500 and on in the area of the mouth of Fish Pond Drain, there is still another big group that just sits, until a boat comes along. Up they jump and like a jet passenger plane, skyward they climb, swing way around and lite right back where they were. Sence this year no canvas backs can be shot, why am I writen this info.  Cause at any given time one-third of the entire population in the USA and Canada make their winter home on Lake Seminole.  The duck hunters still come to the lake to take a mounting duck, the Golden Eye, the Wood Duck Pair, the Mallard Drake.  Very few folks go duck hunting anymore for meat, tis mounting ducks they want.

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Nic Jeter, Jake Jeter, Durran Brock and Wade Goodwin had a good mess of Ringnecks, Blue Bills and Wood Ducks.  Of all the ducks out there, the Wood Duck to me is best because he lives mostly on acorns.

Deer hunters are doing good rite now.  They are beginning the scrubbing (rubs) on trees and small bushes. This morning at 5:15 a.m., three different size does crosst the road in front of me going to Wingate’s. To finish out this season I should get a young doe. So I can make it up in cube steak and course ground beef for chili.

The bass fishin for biguns has been slow but small bass are plentiful. Some folks are taken 10 or more per day. Big fish are slow and will continue to be slow til the weather cools down again.

Some deep perch are being taken so deep they really come up with their eyes pooched out, 25 feet on minnows. The wind is a bad fact nowdays.

The Goodman brothers, Joey Sloan and their cousins from all over did good on flatheads and channells, using jugs and live bait.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

December 28, 2008

Lake surface temp: 65Lake level: Near fullClarity: Some clear, mostly muddyFlint: Cloudy and fastChattahoochee: Cloudy but clearingSpring Creek: Cloudy but clearingReport provided by:  Jack Wingate