The New Year

Published 3:33 pm Friday, December 26, 2008

As 2008 comes to a close, it is important to take a brief moment to reflect and then fix our gaze on the New Year with hopes and goals that reflect positivity and optimism.

We will soon have a new president, and a great deal of change is sure to come.

Make a New Year’s resolution to pay attention to what our public officials and bureaucrats are doing.

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Pay special attention to the decisions our government makes—those governments from Broughton Street to Pennsylvania Avenue—because Americans can no longer turn a blind eye to lawmakers—their decisions far too greatly impact our lives.

Take care of each other through these tough economic times, remembering generations of hard-working Americans that have fought through such times filled with trials and tribulation and lived to tell their stories with their heads held high.

As you make your resolution for the New Year, take these hard times to build a better understanding of our government and to instill that they are accountable to you—hard-working taxpayers.