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Published 10:18 am Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Post-Searchlight is proud to offer a news update on your phone. The Post-Searchlight provides this service for free, but be sure to know what your text plan looks like with your wireless carrier, because standard messaging rates apply.

Our daily news updates sent to your phone should occur approximately every two hours throughout the day between the hours of 8AM and 10PM. We feel that this is the best time to send the messages to your phone. The messages will contain the headline and a brief description, along with a URL(link) to the full story for those who have web browsers on your phone.

We will also be using this service to send out Breaking News. We will send these out as they occur, so you might receive them between the normal 2 hour intervals.

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We do not require for you to send us your phone number, so you do not have to worry about your phone number being distributed. If you follow the steps below to activate your phone to get news from The Post-Searchlight, you should start receiving updates within two hours.

1. Send a text message to 40404 that says, “follow postsearchlight”
2. You will receive a message that says, “Hi! Please confirm by replying with your name. Standard message charges. ‘stop’ to quit. (The ‘stop’ to quit means to text stop to 40404 at any time to quit.)
3. Reply to the message with your name.
4. Once you reply with your name, you will receive a message that has a username containing your name. You will not need the username to receive the daily news updates. This message also tells you to get your friends to text follow ‘your username’ to 40404 so they can get updates through you; however, you can just get them to text “follow postsearchlight” to allow them to get news from The Post-Searchlight.
5. You should also get another text message saying, “You are now following The Post-Searchlight. You will receive their updates. To silence updates text ‘off’, to quit updates text ‘quit’, and for more commands text ‘help’.

We are still in the learning process of how this service works, and will post more information as we learn it. The Post-Searchlight offers this service through If you would like to setup a account, you can also follow us that way and setup your wireless device through your account online.

*Note: The messaging services is free, but standard messaging rates apply from your wireless carrier.

Having Problems?

Have you all of a sudden quit receiving updates?If you will text “on” to 40404, it will ensure that your phone is enabled. If you happen to be in a bad coverage range when updates are sent to your phone, you phone might be set to disabled status so that messages are not sent to your phone causing a backlog.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist you with setting up your wireless device.