A miracle on Lake Seminole

Published 3:43 pm Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bumper sticker seen in Florida: “Tebow & Palin 2012.”

Chris Neely and Andy Koundourakis placed sixth and eighth places in the Georgia Top 12 on Lake Oconee in November and will go to Lake Gaston April 1-4, 2009. They are the Hydrilla Gnat’s top line of fishermen.

Randy and Eddie Ditto placed first and second in the Poor Man’s Bass Trail on Saterday. The fishen was tough, the weather cold.  The water has been above Norman and logs coming down the Flint is a hard thing to dodge and maintain being up on plane.

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We had a close neighbor, W.C. Johnson, fishen from his dock, pitchen a Crappie Jig on 4-pound test line, hook into and landed a 7 -pound bass from his dock. That, my friends, is a miracle on Lake Seminole.

We have had lots of good catches of crappie taken on minnows and jigs, some shallow and some deep. It doesn’t make sense why so much difference in depth.

Nic Jeter and family have had a great week on ducks. Yours truly expects to get four or five of them fresh killed ducks. Wood ducks and ringnecks to me are the best, they both eat lots of acorns and that makes them taste good.

The Hydrilla Gnat’s Bass Club’s 12-inch to 14-inch Slot Limit Classic went like this:  Mike Sloan came in first with 6.63 pounds, Andy Koundourakis came in second with 5.83 pounds, Mike Prindle came in third with 3.97 pounds, Chris Neely came in fourth with 1.10 pounds and Nick Brown came in fifth with 0.86 pounds. They had a great time with that one.

We wish to let folks know that on the 24th of January at the Shrine Club on East 84 at 9:30 a.m., Orion Lodge and other Mason’s will be processing kids with the following: Teeth impressions, pictures, fingerprints and DNA samples. This will be put on a DVD and handed to the parents.  All families with kids need to take advantage of this.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

December 14, 2008

Lake Surface Temp:63 degreesLake level: Near fullClarity: Lots of muddy waterFlint: Muddy, swift, logsChattahoochee: High, muddy, fastSpring Creek: Cloudy and fastReport provided by:  Jack Wingate