Like the Titanic

Published 4:26 pm Friday, December 12, 2008

When and where does the lying stop?

It starts at the top in government, down through the states and local governments. Don’t these people understand that the Titanic is sinking. Bail out the banks, already done. Bail out the automakers, “no,” in plain English.

All first-class passengers get the lifeboats. All the second-class passengers get what’s left. And all third-class passengers go down with the ship. Or as an old saying goes, “All first-class passengers stay in your seats. All second-class passengers and third-class passengers get out and push the train” (From the L.l. New York Railroad in the 1920s).

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Bread lines, food banks and John Q. Public is still getting the dirty end of the deal. And now baseball season looms close and those first-class ball players want more money. Hey guy’s, what about the little people in the bread lines and food banks?

Something is not right with the overall big picture. Lies, greed and more of the same.

Where does it all stop?

Put Christ back in Christmas. Stop the lying. We are all in the same boat.

Dennis A. HellerDonalsonville, Ga.