Submitted Santa Letters

Published 5:08 pm Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Santa,

My nam is Seth Kelley, I am nien yers old. I like to get tow sped raser cars. and a sped raser gam. and a ntendo. D.S. Thank you.


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Dear Santa,

My mane is Jadlin King. Im 6 years old. I go to Jones wheat School. Im a good student. I want a lap top, Brat Z dolls, a car with a remote, a swing set, and a dancmat.

Love Jadlin King


From Gabe to Santa Closs

Art StuffRemote can troll chruk (truck)A rill guitarA rill cupmuter (computer)A pier it soot (pirate suit)A hot rod carA gam boy


For Santa Closs

Dear Santa

Ive ben good this year I want Baby Aive (alive) and Baby Kit. And a rill computer.I want some new shirts.

Dani Parker


To Sata

Frum Seth

Dear Sata

Mickrwscop (microscope)Tomis the tranHot rod carFollwillre (4 wheeler)Druds (drums)Gam boyYour best friend



Dear Santa,

I want an x-box. I also want a new basketball goal and a new football. I want these games to come with it Madden NFL 2009, NBA Live 09, and NCAA Football 2009. That’s all I want for Christmas.


D. SAPPamion


Dear Santa

I think that I have been a good little boy this year! For Christmas I would like a bouncey ball, transformer and a dirt bike. Merry Christmas

Austin Goins