It was a good week

Published 4:01 pm Tuesday, December 9, 2008

“Hallyluia” what a great week we’ve had. O.J. got what he deserved, the Big 3 Auto Builders didn’t get what they wanted and China puts their sex offenders to death the day they are caught, if you smoke dope, you are tried on the noon news, hung on the evening news. This will never happen in the U.S. though. We are too much a caring nation, we believe in giving many chances to people.  Christians, I believe they are called.

Gus Goodman, son of Wingate’s owner, Gale Goodman, went fishing on Sunday with Paul Tyre and caught a couple of nice bass.  Mark Henley and Jason Swearingen of Thomasville took lots of bass on worms in Spring Creek. David Mock took 29 bass up to 9 pounds, three at 5 pounds, all swam back to pull again.

Big mess of eating bass (2 pounds) taken on spinner baits.

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A fine catch of crappie was made on minnows near Faceville Landing. Another boat reported 19 on minnows, some deep. Twenty-two reported in another boat on minnows and jigs.  Don Logston took 15 perch shallow water on minnows, John Willis lots of perch 34 feet deep on Minnows.

Three men from Thomasville had limits of ducks each of ringnecks. Nic Jeter and two friends killed 13 ringnecks and could have killed more but unloaded their gun.

Out in Texas, Mr. Harrison took a big bass, while cutting it open, a man’s class ring fell out, he had the school’s name and the man’s name, Mr. Richardson, got in touch with the man and gave him the ring. He had dropped it 12 years before.  The bass was maybe 13 years old.

Now to show respect to Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell, who live just north of whigham, Ga., on celebrating their 70th anniversary on Nov. 18.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

December 7, 2008

Lake surface Temp: 62Lake level: Near fullClarity: Clear except channelFlint: Dingy and fastChattahoochee: Color and fastSpring Creek: Slite color and fastReport provided by: Jack Wingate