Tell us what you think about GM’s bail out proposal

Published 9:07 am Friday, December 5, 2008

Gloria CoppingerI believe the idea of a bail-out should not even be considered until the companies, including administration, unions, and workers, are willing to contribute to a great extent by cutting their expenses, including perks and salaries, to the bone. When we operated a business, and in our personal living, we have always realized we live and operate within our means. There is no free lunch, and I am certainly not willing to reward those who have put the companies in their present condition!

Dane EidsonGeorge W. Bush in keeping with P.T. Barnum’s philosopy, “There’s a sucker born every minute” pushed a big con over on all of us. The Wall Street greed machine needed $750 billion dollars to survive. And all the rest of the incompetant big business fortune 500 CEOs have lined up saying, “Me too! Me too!” Funny and ironic isn’t it? The GOP and the Democratic party love socialism as long as it helps out the super rich!

When we eat a plate of spoiled meat our body will help fight the food poisoning by making us throw up. We as a nation have been dining on spoiled goods. Living beyond our means, spending our heirs financial security all up with no care for their future and a President who could care less about financial and fiscal responsibilty. Our nation has been poisoned by instant gratification.

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Let GM fail. Let her turn belly up and go bankrupt. Tell Wall Street no more money. If you fail then you fail. But that would go against socialism wouldn’t it? And the Wall Street greed machine would not stand for that!