Special thanks for a good deed

Published 1:34 pm Friday, December 5, 2008

I recently visited my Arline ancestors family cemetery, which is located “out in the country,” about four miles from Climax. On a previous visit, I was appalled at how badly the cemetery lot had been overgrown. At that time we had gone to Bainbridge to attend the funeral of my cousin, Guy Hatcher. It had been a one-day, up-and-back trip, and I had no tools to work on the lot.

On my second trip, I came prepared to do what I could to improve the appearance of the lot.

To my amazement, the lot was completely cleared, which included removal of all trash and debris.

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I learned from my cousin, Dale Rackley, that possibly the Boy Scouts from Bainbridge had undertaken this as a project and was given the name of Wendell Nix as someone connected with it.

When I called the number Dale had given me, I learned that they were the grandparents of a Boy Scout who had been involved. His name was Blair Nix, and they gave me his telephone number.

I called and had a very pleasant conversation with Blair. He is 14-year-old and a member of Boy Scout Troop 502. The scoutmaster is Dr. John Reynolds.

I learned that Blair and at least two other scouts were involved in the project and he was working on becoming an Eagle Scout. I thanked him with heartfelt gratitude. He impressed me as a quiet, well-mannered, respectful young man and while answering my questions he remained modest about his accomplishment.

In this day and age, it is gratifying what these young men have accomplished. They are to be commended and hopefully their efforts will be recognized. To me, their hard work results were touching and are most appreciated by an “old codger” who will soon be 80.


Charles ValentineJacksonville, Fla.