Just pull ’em up

Published 7:44 am Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At what point do officials have to legislate—and then police—baggy-pant wearers?

The Bainbridge City Council is debating a proposal that would prohibit the wearing of pants or shorts below the waist in a manner that exposes undergarments. The exploration of the issue was requested by longtime City Councilman Luther Conyers.

As local residents told city council members on Nov. 18, it’s a “problem” when younger men in baggy pants hanging around a place of business, or a local minister calling the baggy pant plague a moral issue that would be difficult to police.

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Is it a plague that needs to be on the law books? Don’t think so.

Is it an indictment on them and how their mommas raised them that these nincompoops walking around with half their boxers sticking out of their over-sized—and probably over-paid—pants is their inane why of expressing themselves? Yes, but no different then the imbeciles with the infected nose ring or belly-bottom ornament on an obese teenager.

Common decency—and common sense—can’t effectively be legislated.

At some point, these idiots will learn to just pull their pants up.

Now about those low-cut jeans …