Didn’t make it to the barn

Published 2:28 pm Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a glorious Thanksgiving, The “Swine Time” in Climax had such a big crowd of people, some folks never did git to the “Chittlin Barn.” I’m sure the rain held off until most of the festivities were over.

I would have went, but I don’t need to git caught up in a rain and catch cold.

At home on the lake, Mr. Dalton, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Willoby each had a limit of ringnecks. Others did a lot of shooting, with a little bit of killing.

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Steve Bushore went flipen and took one over 9 pounds, three over 5 pounds, total of 15 pounds all together and all released back to swim again. Lucky devels. Then Mr. Carter and family had three limits of crappie on minnows. His was the best catch of the week, but eight or 10 other boats reported good catches made on minnows. Mathan Harrell, age 5, from Baconton, Ga., caught 15 speckled perch on minnows. Joey Sloan and his papa caught some big flathead catfish.

Hershal Veatch traveled to Colorodo and brought home a huge elk of which, when processed, I will partake some of him. It’s great meat, I’ve had buffalo, moose and prong horn. Elk is the best!

Let’s now turn to San Diego, Calif. Some 60 yers ago, the sixth naval headquarters was six stories high, the YMCA on Broadway was three stories up, the EL-Cortez Hotel west of downtown was about 12 stories up. The Plaza bank was on the corner of Broadway and 12th, then if you drank you could buy a big pitcher of beer with icey mugs for 75 cents, tween there and the Destroyer Base Main Gate there was newmerous bars. Even back then, there was all kinds of critures walking the streets arm in arm puffin stink weed and worse, the two best folks that I know of to come out of California. Is the present govenor and President Reagen. You say why not Rep. Polosi, she will embarrass the encoming president, unless he puts a throttle on her like a choke colar on a dog.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

November 30, 2008

Lake surface temp: 64Lake level: 6 inches down, fallingClarity: Clean, slight dengeFlint: Slight colorationChattahoochee: Risen and swiftReport provided by: Jack Wingate