A letter to the band

Published 2:05 pm Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mr. Ward,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Frank Tobin and I live just outside of the city of Philadelphia. I was at the Thanksgiving Day parade, and I got the pleasure to watch your band perform.

I have been involved in marching band growing up and as I sat there watching the parade, some bands did not even seem to care enough to march in straight lines or even to a cadence. Some of your adults that were on the trip were sitting in front of me and my oldest son and when your band marched up toward the finale, I saw immediately why you all were chosen to bring Santa Claus in.

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You need to let the band members know not only from me, but a lot of other local folks, that we all thought you guys out-shined and out-played any of the other bands.

Philadelphia made a great choice in having the Bainbridge Band in the parade, and I would hope they invite you all back.

Please let the band members know how much their hard work was appreciated by all in Philadelphia. I know the long hours it takes to become a great band, and I can tell the students are willing to put in the time.

Thanks again for making my Thanksgiving Day parade great.

Please share this with anyone you feel would enjoy reading this.

Frank Tobin