Students’ slogans to help recycling effort

Published 5:07 pm Monday, November 24, 2008

Anderson Manufacturing, a local company that recently designed a recycling trailer for Keep Decatur County Beautiful, has partnered with Bainbridge High School students.

The recycling trailer can store large amounts of plastics, aluminum cans, paper and cardboard in separate bins. It can be towed by vehicle, making it a portable large-scale recycling solution.

The Keep Decatur County Beautiful trailer was moved to Wal-Mart on Monday, Nov. 24, said KDCB Executive Director Suzanne Brandt.

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“Anyone who brings recyclable materials to Wal-Mart on Monday afternoon will be given a free reusable bag that can be used for shopping or storing recyclables,” Brandt said.

The students entered a contest to come up with possible names and slogans for the trailer, which the company hopes to mass-produce.

Contest winners were announced as the following: First place, Hannah Williams, who proposed naming the trailer “Recyclinator, the Planet Saver”; second place, Lindsey Kennedy, “Big Green, the Recycling Machine”; and Ashten Oldaker, “Eco-Mobile, Being Green Is Awesome.”

“Many thanks to all of the students who entered the contest,” Brandt said. “We received a number of creative ideas that will be very helpful.”

Anderson Manufacturing has been making trailers since 1989 and operates plants in Mitchell and Decatur counties. Its Web site is