What Barber has learned

Published 4:45 pm Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some things I have observed and learned from the Obama Chicago machine campaign. This selection was a referendum on Obama-“feelings” versus thinking and applied thought.

Obama presented and staged himself as the chosen one and millions of voters believed he alone can create magic in their lives. He convinced voters that the most important aspect of their lives is government. Obama believes that he has the right (as your president) to take your wealth and share it with others to equalize society. The majority of voters share this belief.

Indications are that Obama plans to appoint liberal judges to federal courts across the country to get the redistribution of wealth he wants without effecting the constitution. It is what he is about. Do not believe the constitution will protect you from him. He wants his Supreme Court Justices to look at the political and economic justice—not the legal justice—a new twist for liberal judges.

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I’ve learned something about Obama’s interpretation of socialism, fairness, Iowa and the American dream. For example, Socialism—soft word for government knows best; Fairness—code word for redistribution of your wealth; Iowa—a place where you bus in people and win caucuses; American dream—it ends at $140,000 per year. Above $140,000 Obama steals your dream.

I’ve also learned you can no longer trust major news media. It has become a product prepared to sell by liberal staff and presented to the public as a product we are fully expected to believe as honest news.

Guy BarberBainbridge, Ga.