Public Opinion for 11/12

Published 4:36 pm Friday, November 14, 2008

During this Veterans Day week, what special concessions would you like to see National Guard and Reserve Units given since they are serving on active duty and oversees a lot more?

Gean HendrixGuardsman and Reservists from our community and county and surrounding communities and counties are serving in war zones now or have served in them, and they are preserving the freedoms we enjoy. For that, they deserve the same benefits that active military personnel receive.

Jarratt NixNational Guard and Reserve units that are called to war should receive first-class medical care if they are wounded.

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Harold KellyThey earn every dime they are getting protecting our freedom and they are probably underpaid. They should be generously compensated for what they are doing for us.

Annette AustinThey should be taken care of and have the best medical care possible available to them.