It’s the office you respect

Published 9:13 am Friday, November 7, 2008

By the time you read this, you will know who the duely elected president is and will take office next year.

This you must remember, it is the office of the president that you respect. You may not like the man, but you must respect the president.

Ever since George Washington turnt the presidency to his successer, the world leaders thot he had loist his mind, however, we are the only nation on earth that the trasition of power is consistant every four years.

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This past Wednesday nite, a heavy frost mite nigh stopped the Bass fishen dead still. Pleny of small ones taken, but NO grown ones.

Now that ain’t so, bout the Specks. They have just et it up all week long. Forty-seven slabs taken on one boat, 22 slabs in another boat. Another boat reported near limits taken in three trips out.

We had a 37 pounds flathead taken and a wash tub full of smaller ones. Then another boat had 17.15 pounds flathead. Both of these boats were using cut bait. We have always heard that the flathead was caught live bait, like bream or perch close to the bottom. However, the cooler water has a lot to do with what you bait with.

We expect to see a much colder winter this year, according to the signs of the old 12 day. Maby ponds freezing over and ground freezing and spewing up ice. Keep tite, we’ll see you next week.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

November 2, 2008

Lake surface temp: 64

Lake level: Near full

Clarity: Very clear

Flint: Clear

Chattahoochee: Clear

Spring Creek: Clear

Report provided by: Jack Wingate