Some scary stuff on the square

Published 9:20 am Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick-or-treaters came out to Willis Park Friday afternoon to fill their bags, buckets and pockets with delicious treats that keep kids up all night.

Children of all ages enjoyed a bit of fright as monsters like werewolves and giant apes roamed the square.

Kids went fishing to feed their sweet tooth. Not long after they dropped their line into a booth too tall to peer inside, they had a bite and came up with bags filled with sweet treats.

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One youngster traveled a great distance to enjoy the festivities, coming all the way from Laport, Texas. Fireman Morgan Miculka came with his parents and grandparents to the Bainbridge area to take part in some trick-or-treating and go to Mule Day, going on today.

Many parents said their children’s costumes were purchased online or at local stores, but there were a few original creations on display.

Isabella Barnett came as Marilyn Monroe is her classic air-blown white dress. Her mother, Christy Barnett—an art major from Valdosta State University, used some of her skills in creating the costume using fabric and copper tubing.

Another original was Jack Tuten, the 50-cent hot dog in a hot dog stand. His mother, Daphne Tuten, purchased the outfit from Old Navy and created his stand right out of his stroller.

Frightful festivities were enjoyed by as many as 200 kids and even a few parents got dressed up for the annual Halloween on the square.