How much more?

Published 9:22 am Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Senator Obama has turned class warfare into an art form.

Question to voters. Are you really getting the time-tested Democrat election message they are sending to their base voters? A message that other voters need to be aware of ? An election time message that says it is not right, not fair that so many people have things (that the worked for and rightly earned) and you don’t have them.

A message that says it is only fair that we entrenched powerful Democrats take from these productive people and give to you that which is your fair share of their earnings. And how do we do this? We buy your vote. You sell your vote. It works. We give you something of theirs for your vote. We stay in control in Washington. We enjoy the Washington good life you give us. Our liberal big donor Hollywood supporters love us. We love their easy money. It buys us more liberal votes. You’re happy. We happy. Hollywood happy.

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Life is good when you control the Senate, the House and the checkbook. It helps you to be the Santa Claus to a lot of voters. Especially those voters who didn’t pay any federal income taxes but will get a refund check on something they didn’t pay into! Can you believe Obama! That is Obama welfare at its best!

Are you productive people really getting what Obama is selling? Are you really looking forward to giving up more of the fruits of your labor to someone who can take it with their vote? How many more Obama people and programs can you carry on your back? You decide. It’s your back.

Guy Barber Bainbridge, Ga