Staying informed

Published 12:52 pm Monday, October 27, 2008

I appreciate your comments and they very factual and they can be proven if people would search and read about them from both side. Most people that I know will not even look at the opposing candidates Web site, because they say they already know enough about the candidates through the news media.

They say they are tired of the past eight years of Bush, like McCain said he is not Bush. Bush and McCain are Republicans, but they don’t agree on everything because they are.

Obama and Hillary are both Democrats, but they didn’t agree on everything, either.

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We are going to get a change, one way or other.

I work in a job that has a labor union and the unions want us to vote Democrat. I am a free-thinker, and I do not allow myself to be coerced into voting because a group of people say so. Our union president is church deacon, but yet he calls people scumbags and brown-nosers because we don’t agree with all of the union policies statements. I have even been asked to get out of the union because of the way I think.

Finally Obama’s character showed no more than in these debates when he interrupted McCain and also wanted to have the last word, even if it meant going against the set time limits, it was like I have heard the people on his staff say, “Get in their face,” and that’s what he did.

If we are going to have a change, let the change be when the McCain/Palin ticket is elected to serve the next four years.

God bless you,

Scotty SearanClimax, Ga.