I’m tired …

Published 12:46 pm Monday, October 27, 2008

I agree with Mr. [John] Cunningham.

We are voting for John McCain also because we think he is by far the most qualified to be president. I hope others will examine the backgrounds and qualifications of both candidates before they vote.

We need a strong leader and one who is not afraid to do what is best for us as a country, not one who tells us what we want to hear just to get the vote. I feel John McCain is that person.

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Obama may talk smooth and charm the audience, but he has yet to really explain what “change” he will bring forth other than raising our taxes and making our nation look weak by giving up a fight we need to win.

I for one am sick and tired of paying for others’ mistakes. I am tired of supporting people too lazy to work, or handing jobs to unqualified persons and calling it affirmative action. I am tired of the few who work supporting the many who choose not to work.

I think everyone in our great country has the same chance to get an education, a job and buy a home they can afford. If you want bigger and better, work for it. If you buy what you can not afford, why should I have to bail you out?

I am not voting for a president who wants me to spend my hard-earned money doing those things. It is time for people to speak out and stand up for our rights before we let politicians take them from us to win the vote.

Pat BarlowBainbridge, Ga.