Bruised, but not broken

Published 12:49 pm Monday, October 27, 2008

I feel the pain of the guy who wrote in and commented about being a second-class citizen. I felt the same way a while back.

I was attacked by a neighbor’s dog, and nothing was done about it. I was told that the dog had to be locked up for 10 days. That did not happen. The owner was supposed to walk him with a mussel on, that does not happen.

I made several reports to the police and even had several conversations with the police chief. I ended up getting an attorney, because I have medical bills and a permanent injury from this pitbull-type dog not being properly confined.

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When police reports were asked for, my attorney was told there was no report. My question is what happened to the reports or were there any reports even done? Is it because who the owner of the dog was?

Way to many things happen to good people and they suffer because others don’t want to take responsibility when they should. If it had been my dog, I would probably be fined big time or loss everything that I have. I will keep fighting to get justice.

Cassandra Keaton Tallahassee, Fla.