Voting for younger guy

Published 6:21 pm Friday, October 17, 2008

I am going to vote for the younger guy. The other guy is too old.

It doesn’t matter that one guy is Democrat and one guy is Republican. The other guy is too old.

Here’s why.

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Medical folks tell us that as we age, the frontal lobe of the brain begins to deteriorate. The frontal lobe plays an integral part in shaping our personalities, and in controlling our long-term memory. It peaks at age 25.

Those of us who are in striking range of the age of the other guy can attest to the long-term memory stuff. Simply, what long-term memory? Or more simply, what memory?

Each day in a myriad of ways, my memory escapes. Simple things like remembering the name of persons you have known for years. Suddenly without warning you can’t remember that person’s name.

The deteriorating condition of the frontal lobe of the brain gives us those “Senior Moments.” It’s a nuisance. Why can’t we remember each day those small things we have known for years.

Like, where did we put the car keys last night?

Oh, it eventually comes back, after heavy research among your notes, or asking friends for help, and apologizing to that dear lady when you finally remembered her name, and why it was that after she said “hello, Jim,” you just blankly stared at her while your non-functioning brain tried to remember her name.

So that’s why I am going to vote for the younger guy.

The other guy is too old.

But what if the older guy wins?

What if a presidential adviser overhears the older guy president say to his chief of staff, “Now, tell me again. What is the red phone for?”

What if the older guy president is hosting a state dinner in honor of the visiting president of France, for example. In front of dining senators, congressmen, ambassadors and important guests, the older guy president stands before his distinguished guests and says, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great honor to present to you the president of France, his excellency … (he forgets his name).”

See, the other guy is too old.

What if the older guy president has a program to visit small town America, meeting with the real American people, his friends, those folks who keep this country moving, and he stands before the Bainbridge-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, for example, which gathers on the first Thursday of every month, and says, “It is a real pleasure to be with you here today in Cairo.”

What if the older guy president is addressing the United Nations and forgets the name of his country.

What would happen if the older guy president and the lady vice president are standing in a reception line with their spouses, and the older guy president suddenly turns to the lady vice president and whispers, “I can’t remember my wife’s name. What is it?”

The lady vice president whispers in his ear, “Hillary,” then turns and walks away with a wide smirk on her face.

Man, I tell you, I’m voting for the younger guy. The frontal lobe of the brain also gives us the ability to recognize long-term consequences, allows us to see into the future what our decisions might do when made in the present.

Finally, it’s inauguration day. A large crowd is assembled in front of the Capitol, grandstands are full with congressmen, Supreme Court justices, distinguished guests and dignitaries.

Chief Justice Roberts is prepared to administer the oath of office.

Cindy is holding the family Bible, the Chief Justice looks around and asks, “Has anyone seen the president-elect?”

Man, I tell you, I’m voting for the younger guy.

Jim Smith is former editor of The Post-Searchlight and you can access additional columns by going to www.jim’