Second-class citizen

Published 4:50 pm Friday, October 17, 2008

After three years of raising my daughter alone, I lost custody to her mom. They made me feel like I was being rejudged for all the mistakes from my past.

People I didn’t even know got on the stand and told all kind of lies. The judge felt it was in my daughter’s best interest to live with her mom. He assured me that he wasn’t judging me as being a bad parent. To soften the blow, he said I have liberal visitation. I asked the judge if I could take my daughter home to talk to her, and get some of her things. My mom came with us.

Not even 10 minutes after getting home, there came a loud, loud pounding on the side of my house. I go to the back door and found not one, not two, but six deputy cars in my backyard.

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I was treated as if I was a harden criminal. One deputy even came in my front door and out the back right up on my mom (over kill). My 10-year-old daughter was scared and crying, thinking her daddy was going to jail. I let them have that!

This was June, since then I have had the pleasure of being in the company of a few deputies. They all know me and where I live. I just want to know, with all that has happened, why wasn’t a deputy dispatched to my 911 call last Friday evening?

True I told the operator it was not an emergency, but still my daughter was suppose to get off the bus here at home, it was my weekend. The bus came and went and I haven’t seen my daughter in a month.

“Liberal visitation.”

I walked to the near-by store and used the phone. I called my ex-wife’s work. She was off. I told the lady what was going on. I lost my phone Monday, which had all my numbers in it. My ex-wife knew this. The lady still would not give me my ex-wife’s number. She said she would call her and let her know. I needed to know where our daughter was. I’m still waiting on my ex-wife to let me know something.

The lady did call back and told me she was at the hospital with a friend. When she felt like it she would get up with me. I called the hospital, but she wasn’t there nor had she been. Then I called 911. I’m still waiting.

It’s bad enough to feud with an ex when a child is involved. But to have the people that I help pay to serve and protect us blatantly disregard my 911 call; this leaves me with only one conclusion, I am considered a second-class citizen, and more than likely I’m not alone. I was born and raised here.

Benjamin B. BrogdonBainbridge, Ga.