A nice way to reach out

Published 5:23 pm Wednesday, October 8, 2008

During last week’s Chamber of Commerce breakfast, the program presented by United Way supporters centered on helping members of our community-our neighbors and our friends.

It’s a good deal because we can first-hand see how our hard-earned money is helping others.

Then there’s helping our neighbors in a more direct way, knowing that hard times for them will just begin.

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Bainbridge College and several businesses are planning to reach out Saturday in a way that typifies our community. The college will host a picnic lunch and special registration for the employees of American Fibers and Yarns, who will lose their jobs Oct. 17 when the company closes its doors due to bankruptcy.

The college is also creating classes that will begin Oct. 20 so that these employees can immediately begin working toward new careers.

During these times, it’s a good way to reach out.