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A call to arms: make plans to see the Bearcats play in Cairo Friday night

It was electric last Friday night. If you weren’t at Centennial Field, you should have been. The Bearcats clawed their way to a massive 42-13 ... Read more

Lots to look forward to this season

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming college football season. Read more

Remembering the newest NFL Hall of Famers

Today in Canton, Ohio, six former NFL players will be inducted into the league’s Hall of Fame. Read more

He’s not going away anytime soon

First place, first place, fourth place. This is the track record for a 22-year-old golfer in the three majors so far this year: the Masters, the ... Read more

Summer reminds me how much we rely on the school system for sports

What a slow time it is right now in local sports. That was our first thought as managing editor Powell Cobb and I started to ... Read more