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Why no attention on the superintendent?

Dear Editor,  With all the media attention given to our City Manager’s water bill and the County Commissioners on again off again contracts, why has ... Read more

A dream of a No Kill Shelter

In 1984, a group of people had a dream. There were about a dozen of them — just folks like you and me. They imagined ... Read more

Not pleased with local government

Mr. Findley, I’d like to compliment and say thank you to the coverage you and The Post-Searchlight have given the performance, or lack thereof, of ... Read more

Be mindful with perceptions

Dear Editor, I read an opinion article in Saturday’s paper written by Ashley Johnson that troubled me. The article began by referring to a woman’s ... Read more

SPLOST helps in every aspect

If you are a resident of Decatur County, whether you live in one of the incorporated municipalities of our county, the suburb of a municipality ... Read more