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Irritating Liberals and Conservatives in the same week is not good

Even by my impossibly high standards, this has been a good week. It began with a whack upside the head from a reader in South ... Read more

Legislature solving another problem that doesn’t exist

The scene: I-16 near Dublin. WAAANGH! REEP! REEP! REEP! “Driver! Pull your car over immediately!” “Officer, have I done something wrong?” “Sir, I clocked you ... Read more

Protecting our children more important than guns in church

Let me run some numbers by you. 152: The number of children who died in 2012 in Georgia, despite the intervention of the state’s Division ... Read more

What’s going through legislature is going through my mind 

Many of you have written to say you oppose HB 875, which would allow weapons in houses of worship and is currently making its way ... Read more