Too many car accidents are occurring

Published 12:16pm Saturday, June 21, 2014

It’s a busy time of year with the summer in full swing. People are traveling everywhere, distances long and short, to work, meet with friends or simply make a quick run to the corner drugstore. But accidents can happen anytime, and lately in Decatur County, they’ve been happening often.

Tuesday, Bainbridge Public Safety gave their annual presentation to the Bainbridge City Council, showcasing the brilliant job they’ve been doing in the city over the past year. All four departments of BPS are run by skilled, dependable officers who are working hard to keep Bainbridge safe.

During the presentation, BPS Chief Eric Miller noted the number of accidents is unusually high for such a small community. Miller is from Michigan, where even less accidents happened, and that’s including the cold, icy months where the roads become dangerous. In Bainbridge, the weather is rarely a factor for accidents. Drivers paying attention is the main factor.

Bainbridge residents should make an effort to be safe on the road so next year’s BPS report can show a significantly smaller number of accidents. They are preventable. They can be avoided. Residents can depend on BPS should an accident occur, but too much is at stake to be a lazy, un-alert driver.

Travel with caution. Your loved ones and BPS will thank you.

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