Arrests and Citations

Published 1:24am Friday, September 6, 2013

The following arrests and citations, a list of those occurring between Aug. 30 and Sept. 6, 2013 have been reported by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety:

• Anthony Mark Bailey, 36, 2019 Vada Road, Bainbridge, DUI, failure to maintain lane, SO;

• Andrew Michael Flynn, 22, 114 Lake Decatur Dr., Bainbridge, simple battery (Family Violence Act), SO;

• Andrew Ryan Parks, 26, Tallahassee, Fla., operating a personal water craft without a life jacket, operating a vessel under the influence, DNR;

• Patricia Darlene Ritter, 51, Donalsonville, Ga., DUI, failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, reckless conduct (misdemeanor) GSP;

• Domonique Rogers, 33, 912 N. Sims St., Apt 14A, Bainbridge, criminal damage to property in the second degree, SO;

• Lawrence Theodore Wade, 41, 402 Donalson St., Attapulgus, driving while license suspended or revoked, SO;

• Sonja Michelle Walker, 31, 2708 Spring Creek Road, Bainbridge, habitual violator, SO;

• Jory Jelise Ware, 22, 375 Pinehill Road, Apt 2, Bainbridge, child restraint law (2 counts), driving while license suspended or revoked, no proof of insurance in vehicle, expired vehicle tag, GSP;

• Patricia Elaine Bonner, 54, 1015 Holley St., Bainbridge, simple battery, criminal trespass, BPS;

• Johnathan Maurice Close, 41, 1302 E. College St., Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting (3rd), BPS;

• Edrick Oneal Davis, 33, 2481 Hagin Still Rd., Iron City, Ga., probation violation, BPS;

• Devante Grant, 17, 930 Water St., Bainbridge, criminal trespass, BPS;

• Angel Leshorn James, 20, 1220 MLK Jr. Drive, Bainbridge, probation violation—original charge shoplifting, BPS;

• Keshonda Denise Murphy, 18, 1647 E. Pine St., Bainbridge, probation violation—original charge driving without license, seat belt (children), BPS;

• Lottie Mae Wimbley, 59, 1006 Anderson St., Bainbridge, failure to appear, suspended registration, BPS;

• Savanna Rene Chason, 18, 172 Deer Trail Road, Bainbridge, DUI, possession of marijuana (less than one ounce), GSP;

• Marty Guy, 45, 1787 Ash Crossing Road, Iron City, Ga., DUI, defective or no headlights, BPS;

• Katie Elizabeth Harrell, 27, 1404 Botts Dr., Bainbridge, DUI, GSP;

• Lisa R. Jones, 46, 912 N. Sims St., Apt. 17C, Bainbridge, failure to appear, disorderly conduct, BPS;

• Mark A. Joyce, 37, 10 Reese Road, Bainbridge, DUI, driving with suspended or revoked license, BPS;

• Carlos M. Lopez, 29, Eufaula, Ala., driving without license, speeding (11-14 miles over), BPS;

• Beonka Leeann Madge, 17, 1212 E. Troupe St., Bainbridge, reckless driving, BPS;

• Antonio Jerrold Williams, 31, 1902 Banks St., Bainbridge, possession of drug related objects, DUI, driving on wrong side of road, obstruction of an officer (misdemeanor), possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz., BPS;

• Devius Robinson Lyles, 34, 1000 James St., Bainbridge, open container in vehicle, driving while license withdrawn, seatbelt violation, BPS;

• Latravious Terrel Miller, 17, 223 Edgewood Dr., Bainbridge, theft by shoplifting, (1st), BPS;

• Clifford Joel Wells, 19, 154 Dempsey Road, Bainbridge, possession of drug related object, possession of marijuana (less than an ounce), BPS;

• Larry Lashaun Alston, 35, 606 N. Miller Ave., Bainbridge, probation violation, BPS;

• Kelvon M. Gibson, 43, 801 Gordon Ave., Bainbridge, probation violation, BPS;

• Rodney Christopher Hamilton, 24, 415 Georgia St., Bainbridge, burglary, 2nd degree, theft by taking, illegal possession of controlled substance, obstruction of an officer (misdemeanor), Distribution of schedule I and II substances, penalty for abandonment of dangerous drugs, poisons, or controlled substances, drugs to be kept in original container, drug traffic within 1000 ft. of parks, playgrounds, housing project, criminal damage to property in the first degree, BPS;

• Kenneth C. Barker, 40, 710 Gordon Ave., Apt. B-5, Bainbridge, criminal trespass, stalking, criminal trespass, harassing phone calls, BPS;

• Jessica Handsford, 25, 1105 Lake Dr., Apt. 1504, Bainbridge, simple battery, BPS;

• Jason Steven Moody, 29, 810 Gordon Ave., Bainbridge, probation violation, BPS;

• Jazzmin Siera Wells, 20, 700 E. College St., Bainbridge, criminal trespass, BPS;

• Thomas Harrell Brown, 26, West Palm, Fla., DUI, driving while license withdrawn, tail lights required, BPS;

• David Moses, 55, 1305 Fourth St., Bainbridge, possession of open container in or on public place, public drunk, BPS;

• Lisa Denise Calloway, 41, 912 N. Sims St., Apt 1A, Bainbridge, driving while license suspended or revoked, BPS;

• Eugene Chavers, 48, 172 Arnold Road, Bainbridge, parole violation—original charge child molestation, Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole;

• Vonsuela Machell Daniels, 23, 1235 Ave. B., Bainbridge, false report of a crime, BPS;

• Joel Deon Green, 28, Thomasville, Ga., deposit account fraud (four counts), SO;

• John Marcus Newberry Jr., 21, 3301 Dothan Road, Brinson, simple battery (Family Violence Act), cruelty to children (3rd degree) SO;

• Jacob Brown, 43, 376 Deese Road, Bainbridge, simple battery (Family Violence Act), SO;

• Christopher Lynn Priest, 20, 138 Kelley Road, Bainbridge, probation violation, SO;

• Tristan Jerome Wade, 36, 909 Sharpe St., Bainbridge, contempt of court—child support, SO;A

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