Diane Atkinson

City transfers staff

Published 1:24pm Tuesday, November 13, 2012

City Manager Chris Hobby announced the City of Bainbridge has made two personnel moves this week.

Diane Atkinson, who had been serving as Bainbridge Leisure Services’ program director, has assumed a new role as the city’s special events coordinator.

Atkinson will be working out of the Bainbridge Welcome Center with Communications Director Adrienne Harrison. Atkinson will be responsible for putting together a variety of city-sponsored events, such as the popular “Pumpkins in the Park,” seasonal events for Christmas and other holidays, veterans’ recognition ceremonies and more, Hobby said.

“She will be out in the public conducting and organizing the city’s programs and telling our story,” Hobby said. “She brings an interesting and compelling skill set to this expanded role and will still be very visible in community activities.”

Whereas before Atkinson was well-known for her hard work on city recreational programs — mostly for children and youth — she will now be involved in helping the city organize events for both children and some for adults, such as the Fourth of July celebration and River Town Days, that are designed to bring in tourism, Hobby said.

“We have a lot of things community-wise that we currently do but would like to improve on, and there are other things we don’t currently do but would like to,” said Hobby, who noted that city officials hope to work more closely with the Chamber of Commerce.

Bainbridge Public Safety Director Eric Miller also has outlined several programs he would like to start up to engage officers in the community, Hobby said. Atkinson is expected to help make those a success, whether it’s organizing crime and fire prevention education, setting up officers with youth mentoring programs and overseeing the city’s Neighborhood Watch program.

“With her energy level and willingness to work hard, I think this position will work out great for her,” Hobby said. “She’s an asset to the city and I think this position will help her reach her highest and best potential, so we’re excited about it.”


Williams moves to Leisure Services

Joanie Williams, who had been working with Harrison at the Welcome Center, has taken on a new role at Leisure Services, Hobby said.

Williams, who is recognizable to some for her work as an aerobics and fitness instructor with the YMCA, will be working in a support role to Athletics Director Stanley Bell. Hobby said city officials are interested in partnering with the YMCA for fitness programs for adults and senior citizens, and he noted Williams would be a natural catalyst in forming that partnership.

“She leads the Boot Camp fitness group, is a certified Zumba instructor and teaches other aerobics classes,” Hobby said. “With her athletic background, she is a good fit for the role she is taking on. She will be able to get out and be active, and this role also allows her to grow and advance professionally.”

  • tmrogersjr

    I honestly believe this is the absolutely worst move the City could possibly do besides reinstating Stanley Bell. Diane Atkinson is the best thing for Leisure Services. All it boils down to is the incident that happened between the coach and Stanley, she was accused of conspiracy which is a load of crap! It was CLEAR Stanley PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED the coach and there was a WITNESSES and the coach got a year suspension from all Leisure activities. He cant coach, umpire, or have anything to do with the city for using a LITTLE BIT of FOWL language. But yet Stanley Bell only got a 30 to 45 day suspension for PHYSICAL ABUSE! Whats WRONG WITH THIS SCENERIO?? No kids were around or nothing. The past 10 years there has NEVER been a problem with this coach until STANLEY BELL comes in to play. So in the end result of all this CRAP… People in the community will NO LONGER use Leisure Services, the kids loose a mentor, may not be the best coach out there but he does it for the KIDS… they loose one of the BEST UMPIRES on the softball fields, the coaches business will suffer because it was stated from Stanleys mouth that he will make sure he doesnt get any business which results in loosing more jobs in Bainbridge! Looks like the City NEW EXACTLY what this town needed! Sad thing is… IM NOT THE ONLY PERSON WHO FEELS THIS WAY!!!!!

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