Smart meters shouldn’t alarm citizens

Published 8:39am Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Over the next several weeks, contractors with Georgia Power will be visiting homes in Decatur County to install new “smart” meters.

According to Area Manager Joe Truhett, the new meters will accomplish several goals. They will cut labor and transportation costs by allowing Georgia Power to remotely read customers’ power usage, without having to send an on-site “meter reader” to record the data. They will also allow easier communication of power outages — the meter will automatically report a power outage within seconds of the event.

Truhett also said that smart meters do not record the usage of individual appliances in homes — they only record total power usage. No additional data is collected. Another concern of some customers is that the smart meters emit dangerous radiation, but Truhett said the meters only transmit for less than 1 second a day, with radio frequency exposure below that of a cell phone.

Groups like Stop Smart Meters Georgia ( continue to state that smart meters have a variety of dangers, including high radiation levels and the possibility of catching fire. They also question whether the smart meters could eventually lead to a further invasion of privacy in the long run, or whether the meters lead to higher power bills.

While every citizen has the right to come to their own conclusions, we fail to see any legitimate reason that anyone in Decatur County should be concerned about the installation of a smart meter. Those who still have questions or concerns are welcome to call Truhett at (229) 248-4401.

  • Letta Mego

    I urge you to read up on these so called “smart meters”.
    Smart meters are basically miniture cell phone towers. The are two-way transmitting devices with an operating system (computer). Besides an operating system they contain two antennae. One antenna beam non-ionizing radiation into your home…the other beams non ionizing radiation to the neighboring smart meter antennae. All new appliances will come with chips in them that will interact like cell phones with the smart meters. When it comes to non-ionizing radiation..who are you to believe? Are you going to believe the utility company and engineers who have a vested financial interest in smart metersand claim smart meters do no harm to your health….or are you going to believe the medical scientist, environmental scientists, the World Health Organization and thousands of studies showing this type of non ionizing radiation leads to cellular mutations, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, heart disease and brain disfunction. There is a huge investment by the utility companies in this smart meter fiasco. Therefore they will say anything to get smart meters strapped on to every house in their area. There’s another little problem with smart meters, they operating system is hackable…and they present a security risk. It’s too bad that President Obama shelled out almost 4 billion of our tax dollars to promote this blunder…but that’s no reason to sacrifice our health and our human rights. Every place they’ve forced these things on people there are problems. They are not necessary unless you think you’re all going to buy electric cars in the near future.

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