Biden Should Support Trump’s Efforts

Published 3:11 pm Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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Before I comment on last week’s debacle of an election, I want to offer my sincere gratitude to the millions of veterans in our nation. There are almost 20 million Americans who have given time and effort in our Armed Services. In many ways, you deserve more thanks and recognition than you receive.

At the same time, the vast majority of you did your duty to the best of your ability, and have returned to your states and families with the goal of living your lives as quietly, successfully, and as efficiently as you served your nation. You are the last to ask for thanks, but here’s my thank you!

Now, a few words about last week’s Presidential election. First, I have lived through 18 such elections. The first two I was too young to remember, but of the other 16, this 2020 election was, by far, the worst. With not even thinking of winners or losers, it left me feeling helpless, angry, and discouraged.

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There is no election in all the world that is more important than the USA Presidential election. The man or woman who wins the presidency of this nation can be rightly called the most powerful person in the world. You would think, as a nation, we would take great care to make it a fair and transparent election. Our nation and the world should have absolute confidence that the people of the United States have spoken freely and lawfully.

Secondly, for the purpose of full disclosure, my candidate did not win. As that is the case, anything I say might be considered as sour grapes and some might say, like the mayor of Philadelphia told the President, “Put on your Big Boy pants and admit defeat.”

I would say that I had no problem admitting the defeat of the Georgia Bulldogs at the hands of the Florida Gators. The game was easy to see and, despite the disappointment on that Saturday, the better team won.

You may disagree, but I think I have seen and heard of enough voting irregularities and suspicious happenings that the President is warranted in his desire to have some states recounted and some irregularities reviewed in a legal manner.
The pressure is great to just quit and accept. The former Vice-President has, in fact, been proclaimed the President-Elect.

Politicians and news anchors have encouraged President Trump to step down graciously. I don’t think 70 million supporters want that and Donald J. Trump is not one to “go gentle into the good night.”

I appreciate his fight although it may be akin to Don Quixote’s fruitless battle against windmills. America needs this fight, not so that an election might be overturned, but that an election might be held as true. If Donald Trump lost, so be it. I can accept that, but I want to know that the fight was fair.

Lastly, here is something that you might find ironic. Joe Biden should support this fight of Donald Trump’s. Why? He has been declared the winner. He has nothing to gain.

Yes he does. Biden has said that he wants healing and unity, to be president for those who voted for him and even for those who didn’t vote for him. His support of President Trump would show that he, too, wants to win fairly. If he is confident that he won, why should he be afraid of a challenge?

If 70 million people voted against Joe and felt cheated, the only way to gain their support would be to show them no fear in finding out the truth. The truth will set us all free. Free from our doubts as to the legitimacy of a President Biden and free to move forward as a nation.