Hostage situation sends one to hospital

Published 8:50 am Thursday, August 27, 2020

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Sunday morning at approximately 7:42 a.m., the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic, which resulted in the fourth hostage situation in nearly sixty days.

Chief Investigator, Elijah McCoy said there were three residents in the home, who had been drinking and doing drugs all night, when Richard Baker Jr. began shooting off one of his several firearms.

After shooting off his pistol, Baker’s ex-wife, Heather Davis, called officers, where she asked them to come quick. While speaking with her, E911 advised they heard Baker say “that better not be the police.”

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Officers arrived on scene, where they saw through a door opening Baker talking to two individuals, while holding a black handgun. Officers saw Baker point the gun at his head and retreated back to their vehicle before they announced their presence over a PA system.

Following several attempts to get Baker outside to speak with them over the PA system, McCoy was dispatched to the scene and called Baker.

Baker explained to McCoy he needed more time with his girlfriend. While waiting on Baker, one of the residents ran out of the home.

The resident was identified as Cameron Gunn.

Gunn told officers that Baker had a gun and had shot Davis or possibly cut her.

At approximately 10:30, Sheriff Wiley Griffin arrived on scene to speak with Baker, asking him to let them see Davis and make sure she was okay and didn’t need medical attention.

Baker advised officers he needed a little more time with Davis.

After a short while, McCoy said Baker opened the door, carrying Davis and sat her down in a chair.

McCoy said Davis had been shot in the leg and had to be life flighted to the hospital in Tallahassee.

Davis told officers she does not believe Baker intentionally shot her, she thinks it was carelessness and he has shown remorse.

Davis was taken into surgery, while Baker was arrested for aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

Baker did admit to officers he had gotten a hold of bad drugs, which caused him to react in the manner he did.

He was then taken to the Decatur County Jail, where he was booked and processed.