Local author’s new book addresses overcoming anxiety among women

Published 1:53 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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While tackling challenging obstacles and unprecedented phases in her life, Letitia Parrish Austin has withstood both Depression and Anxiety while experiencing varying “Hidden Realities” along the way.

Such Realities are revealed in this spiritual account as it provides genuine counsel for women who may be dealing with similar issues. In the midst of a career that appeared to be everything that she had hoped for; life brought about a turn of events that most would recognize as positive. In the process, she received “Teacher of the Year” two times on the Elementary Level, Model Classroom status four times and was named “Most Influential Teacher” several times by Honor Students. Nonetheless, Austin escalated from an 62 Elementary School Teacher to a successful Middle School Principal in her hometown while simultaneously dealing with spiraling emotions of loneliness, confusion, uncertainty and grief, to name a few.

In spite of it all, Austin also finds time to serve as a Part-time Instructor from a well-known University. Letitia Austin is very active in her church and she faithfully serves in several capacities, including the Vision Team. She is noted for inspiring other women through speaking at various churches where she addresses her personal coping and shares encouraging words to strengthen others. Her unwavering conviction is that we as women are able to empower one another.

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Austin once wrote an insert for a play entitled; “Behind the Mask” where she depicted women who hide behind the mask of makeup, clothes, smiles, etc. to deal with the demands of the world and the workforce. However, she is most proud of being named 2013 Bainbridge Living Magazine “Women to Watch,” where she appeared on the front cover.

Although her ongoing journey is one that causes her to balance family, ministry and work, Austin welcomes the challenge with Grace, integrity and dignity. She believes that her life is purpose–driven as she is constantly guided by God’s divine plan which she has no doubt will lead to her destiny. Her favorite quote is “Each Day We Earn our Wings.” Austin is married to Deacon Michael Austin of 25 years. The two of them are blessed with two children, Taylor and Corbin. She has been an educator in the local county school system for 29 years. Austin is also an active member of a wealth of educational organizations. 

This book represents the spiritual account of “Hidden Realities: Real Talk for Women” depicts what women tend to retain within. It systematically opens the door to those desires to cause us to release and unload what may have them bound.

Letitia Austin who is known for being an advocate for Christian women in this work has unveiled many of her personal experiences as well as provided useful information and insight that is intended to help get women and others through individual situations and yes, those difficult times, better known as “Hidden Realities”.

Austin will hold a book signing this Saturday, Nov. 23, at Reeves in Downtown Bainbridge from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.