Dear Editor

Published 2:56 pm Friday, September 27, 2019

Dear Editor:

Driving South on the Bypass, I had a blowout on the bridge. I was able to maintain control and put on flasher lights and continued slowly to the exit to downtown Bainbridge, found a grassy area with no curb, pulled off and a pickup truck pulled in right after me.

The two men in it had seen my predicament and had followed me to help, Terry Bird and Freddy Hicks… They had just left work at Barber Fertilizer and they were real “Samaritans!”

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One of these men, Terry, got on his cell phone trying to find a tire service open… it was after closing time. After maybe 15 minutes of trying, he finally found Delta Tire Co and soon after their truck arrived with Earl Jenkins who threw my shredded tire on his truck, put on a new one and got me on my way back home… no shopping after all that day!!

Earl did all this in quick order, completed the paper work, took credit card information, we said goodbye to each other and I was on my way home. Whew!!

So thank to Terry and Freddy and Earl. What was a challenging experience for me, I was in good hands and all ended well. So, thanks guys very much!!!!

-Neal Rumble