Hospital awarded PDH grant

Published 4:10 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2019

In August 2018, the Department of Public Health selected Memorial Hospital and Manor (MHM) to participate in a state funded grant project intended to assist in addressing and/or implementing post-delivery hemorrhage managing/monitoring (PDH) as part of the GaPQC (Georgia Perinatal Quality Collaborative).

Over the last eight months, MHM staff has taken assertive action, enabled by the grantor’s resources, to provide education, training and purchases of equipment.

Senator Dean Burke comments, “I want to thank Governor Brian Kemp and my fellow state legislators for investing a large amount of resources to improve our Maternal Mortality Rates and newborn’s health. I also want to thank Jim Lambert, CEO, Judy Godwin, BSN, RNC-OB and Dr. Jason Moye, chair of Women’s Services of Memorial and the rest of the medical staff for all they do.”

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The team at MHM is led by Judy Godwin, OB/GYN Nurse Department Manager. Judy says, “We have embraced the challenge of bringing even better services to our mothers and their babies by implementing GAPQC bundles. The GAPQC grant has allowed us to become better prepared to respond to events relating to post-partum hemorrhage should they occur.

Chief Nursing Officer/Nursing Administrator Lori Eubanks said, “I think it is great to have Dr. Burke at the state level to help us promote these grants and life saving initiatives for this and other rural hospitals.”

The next step, as members in the GAPQC, will allow nurses and medical staff to be more effective in responding to Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). NAS is diagnosed in newborns when the mother is physically dependent (and therefore the newborn is born dependent) on substances of abuse at the time of birth.