Keeping us dry

Published 4:14 pm Friday, January 18, 2019

There’s been a lot of banging around at The Post-Searchlight office this week.

Just over three months ago, Hurricane Michael gave our community just about all we could handle. Trees were knocked down, vehicles were badly damaged and roofs were blown away—including ours.

The power pole that stands tall next to our building had been blown over, finding a resting spot in the southeast corner of our building. Shingles had been blown away, and a hole toward the back of the building had leaked water all over the floor. Fortunately, nothing inside our offices or pressroom were damaged. It was all exterior.

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The damage to The Post-Searchlight’s roof was extensive enough to warrant replacing the entire thing. Finally, after months of waiting, the job has started.

It’s loud. There’s a lot of hammering and dropping, loud crashes and the squeal of power drills. But we are more than thankful for the workers who are replacing that roof over our heads so we can continue publishing The Post-Searchlight newspaper for our readers.

To all the roofing companies who have worked on the roofs of Bainbridge homes and businesses, thank you for keeping us dry.