Tree service grills up dogs for Bainbridge

Published 4:21 pm Friday, November 2, 2018

Thousands of Bainbridge residents came out to “Truck or Treat” at the Bill Reynolds Sports Complex Wednesday, collecting candy, showing off costumes and playing games.

Among those passing out treats were members of the Trees R Us crew, a private disaster relief service based out of Savannah and Atlanta. They had a grill packed with hot dogs and were passing out the food to anyone hungry for a bite.

“We heard they cancelled Halloween, right?” said owner Tim Stanley. “One of my guys said we could do this Truck or Treat thing. I said hang on, we might make that happen. We didn’t do anything today but clean up our trucks and equipment, we had a banner, and we said hey, let’s go give back.”

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Stanley, along with Joey Stanley, Skyler Stanley and Chandler Farmer, created a display with their trucks and equipment, setting up lights that flashed. If that didn’t lure you toward their area, the smell of the hot dogs grilling did.

“It’s the first time we’ve been anywhere where we can really give like this,” said Joey Stanley. “If you can give back, do it.”

Stanley agreed that you’d never think Bainbridge was a community that suffered through a hurricane three weeks ago just by looking at the scene there Wednesday evening. A line stretched down the street, filled with youngsters in costumes of all types and parents fighting to control their excited kids.

Trees R Us has spent the past four weeks in Bainbridge and Donalsonville and don’t plan to leave anytime soon. Stanley’s phone has been ringing off the hook with job requests. The quality work that he and his crew have done has spread. They’ve been able to help people that really need it, both homeowners and trick or treaters.

“If I had a penny for every hug I’ve had,” said Stanley.