BPS offers safety tips for Trick ‘r Treating

Published 5:00 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2017

With Halloween right around the corner, and little ghosts soon to be filling the street here are some safety tips to keep everyone having a fun and safe trick-or treat.

Bainbridge Public Safety officer, Major Dollar listed a variety of tips ranging from costumes to candy. When it comes to costumes, Major Dollar suggested buying a costume that has reflectors on it or being light colored so kids can be easily seen. If the costume does not have reflectors, Dollar suggests buying clip on lights to put on your child’s costume or their candy bucket. He also suggested buying the flashing light up necklaces from Home Depot or glow sticks for children to wear. In addition to reflectors, Dollar reminds everyone to purchase a costume and wig that is fire resistant. If children are wearing a mask, he suggests making sure that it does not impair the child’s vision. Lastly, he wants everyone to remember that children’s skin is very sensitive, so if they will be wearing makeup with their costume to make sure it is non-toxic and is taken off before the child goes to bed.

Dollar also discussed children traveling in groups. He said a responsible adult needs to accompany children who are planning to trick-or-treat. If it is an older child, who may want to meet up with friends, Dollar suggests telling the child the route the family is planning on taking incase they want to meet up and agreeing on a curfew time. If the children are traveling in a large group, they do not need to stray away from the group for any reason. The group also needs to remember to not enter a stranger’s house or car for any reason. He advises that all the children in the group not eat the treats they receive until they arrive at home, where mom and dad can look over the candy and make sure it looks all right.

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Dollar said to never eat open candy or candy that looks like it may have been tampered with. When it comes to his personal children, Dollar does not allow them to eat any homemade treats such as, candy apples or popcorns just because he has no way of knowing what may have been added. He suggests other parents consider this as well.

His last tips come for motorists and children, alike. He wants drivers to be mindful that pedestrians will be packing the streets so to watch for kids, especially at intersections and crosswalks. He reminds pedestrians that roadways are made for cars, though so they need to remember basic safety rules such as, look both ways before crossing the street and to never assume they have the right of way. His final suggestion is to keep inexperienced drivers off the street that night in order for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable night, and never be afraid to call Bainbridge Public Safety or the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office if you see something suspicious.