Published 10:30 pm Friday, October 28, 2016

It’s the final countdown!! After over a year of nonstop election coverage, countless debates, elections and speeches we are finally in the homestretch. In just over a week it will finally be election day and finally FINALLY the election and the endless campaigning will be over.

I have never been so ready for something to be over in my entire life. I have followed this election more closely than any since I turned 18 and was allowed to vote (this is my first one with no Obama) and I have certifiable election fatigue. It is ridiculous that our election season lasts this long. From the pre-primary period, through the primaries and finally into the general election period, it is an insane amount of time.

This over a year-long adventure has been filled with scandal after scandal and messy news story after messy news story. The worst of the media has been revealed as they took sides (for both candidates no matter what anyone says) and the dark sides of both candidates were reveled as the endless news-cycle had to be filled and the candidates couldn’t stay out of their own ways.

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But, alas we are almost done. In a little over a week America will go to the polls and we will have the chance to exercise the greatest right in the world, peacefully choosing our leader.

I will be one of those voters, because no matter how tired I am of this election I will not miss the chance to exercise this right (although if my mind is made up this is not the forum, nor is it my place as media to say for whom I am voting).

Before you head to the polls take a minute to think about how amazing this chance is. We, the people of the United States get to freely choose the most powerful man or for the first time woman in the world. This is an amazing right and responsibility that we have. It is the foundation of our society and the most important act that separates us from nearly every other country in the world. The fact that we know that no matter the result on Nov. 8, that the result will hold and on Inauguration Day President Obama will freely and willingly hand over the job of president to the man or woman that we choose. So many countries can not say that and it is incredible that we can.

So I am ready for Nov. 8. I am ready for this election to be over and no matter who wins I hope that he or she will lead this country into a bright and prosperous future. No election has ever divided a country like this one (at least not recently) and we will need to heal. No matter who wins we need to come together as a greater community and begin to work together. No matter our race, gender, orientation, background or economic standing we need to work together. America is the greatest melting pot in the world and the fact that everyone’s vote counts the same makes us America. Lets heal together.

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