Best practices for safe computer use told at Rotary

Published 6:30 pm Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tips on how to safely use the computer and Internet, while protecting against invasions from harmful viruses were given at the Bainbridge Rotary Club meeting Tuesday by David McGarrah, chief technology officer of Southern IT Experts.

He gave an example of one company he worked for that had become a victim of ransom ware, whereby the “victim” was instructed to pay a ransom in order to recover the use of their computer. McGarrah said it took six hours to find the virus and 30 hours to get rid of it and get the computer back up and running. During that time the company lost time and money. It had been caused by an employee who had used a company computer to check personal computer email, which was harboring the malicious virus.

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The best advice McGarrah could give was, “Think before you click on email or a website. And always update your software.”

He also advised using a strong anti-virus system. By running regular scans of the system, the anti-virus should detect any problems and wipe them out.  Always lock your wifi with a password and don’t use public wifi systems. He strongly recommends the use of multiple strong passwords, one for each account. Beyond that, always back up your data.

Asked if he made house calls, McGarrah said he does if the computer can’t be b brought in to their place of business. He affirmed that they work on both Macs and PC’s, as well as software on smart phones. They also provide printer and copier support

The family owned business is located at 1603-A E. Shotwell Street, next to Badcock Furniture.