Traffic stop turns to marijuana bust

Published 4:21 pm Thursday, July 7, 2016

By Bridget Walker

Gregory Jones, 24, was arrested Tuesday when a traffic stop for a missing tag light led to Bainbridge Public Safety Officer Jason Myers discovering marijuana in his vehicle.

The traffic stop took place at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Scott Street. The driver was identified as Jones, along with two passengers, John McBride and Devetriss Chukes. According to the incident report, after making contact with the driver, Myers could smell “green” marijuana and alcohol.

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After stepping out of the vehicle, Jones told Myers that he had not been drinking, but he believed Chukes had been.

According to the report, Myers then asked when was the last time Jones had smoked marijuana, and Jones replied that he had smoked marijuana on the prior date. Myers asked Jones if there was anything on him or in the vehicle that he should not have. Jones said no, and Myers asked again, advising Jones that it would benefit him to tell the truth. Jones then admitted to having two small “sacks of weed” in his pocket, pulled them out and handed them over to Myers.

Myers continued to search Jones and his vehicle. According to the report, two more plastic bags of suspected marijuana were found in Jones’ left pocket and a larger clear plastic bag in his right pocket. Under the passenger seat, a glass jar Jones had previously admitted to was found along with a small bag and a large plastic bag containing eight smaller bags. Under the driver’s seat, a large white plastic sack along with a small plastic bag was found. All contained suspected marijuana.

According to the report, Jones told Myers that all of the marijuana was his, and none of it belonged to McBride or Chukes. The passengers were released, and Jones was arrested. His charges were possession of marijuana with intent to sell and tag light requirements.