Family’s pet pig runs away

Published 11:21 am Monday, January 11, 2016


For Nan McIntosh and her family, the expectation when they got a pet pig for Christmas last year was that he would be a good pet and stay in his pen. That quickly changed when Opie, as McIntosh and her family named their new pet, learned he could get out of his pen.

“He thinks he’s a horse,” McIntosh said. “He grazes in the pasture with the horses. He sleeps in the stall with the horses.”

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On Thursday when Opie escaped from his pen he didn’t make it to the pasture though. He instead ended on the side of the road where Animal Control Officer Jeff Turner found him before corralling Opie back to his pen.

“[Opie’s] eyesight isn’t very good and walking with his nose to the ground I think that’s how he ended up on the road,” McIntosh said.

According to McIntosh, if you happen to be driving down Lake Douglas road and see that Opie has escaped once again it is very easy to get him to go home.

“All you have to do is call his name and he runs right back,” McIntosh said.

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