Laptop stolen from house window

Published 11:19 pm Friday, October 18, 2013

A Decatur County officer responded to a report of a stolen laptop Tuesday.

The complainant told the officer that he and his girlfriend left their residence the previous night to go to Taco Bell. When they returned, the complainant noticed his laptop case on the floor, but assumed his laptop was inside. He noticed it was missing the next morning.

The complainant noticed his son’s bedroom window was opened and the blinds had been tampered with. When he decided he hadn’t misplaced the laptop, the complainant reported the incident to Bainbridge Public Safety. He then was advised to file the report with a Decatur County deputy.

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“When nothing else is taken, most of the time something like this is someone they know,” the reporting officer said.”

The case was handed over to an investigator as evidence.

Wednesday, another Decatur County officer responded to a reference to found property. The complainant reported that his cousin had found the stolen laptop in the wood line across the street stuffed in a black book bag.

The cousin stated he was pushing a toddler in a wagon near the woods and saw the book bag.

One of the complainant’s neighbors saw a young black male carrying a similar black book bag in the same area the laptop had been found.

Another neighbor said he witnessed a black male walk to the back of the complainant’s apartment, opened a window and crawled inside. The neighbor thought the black male might had forgotten his key. The neighbor never saw the black male come back out through the window.

The officer collected with book bag, laptop and a multi-colored pillowcase and placed them in an evidence locker for secure storage and to be tested for fingerprints.

“We’ve turned it over to investigators and they’re in the process of locating and identifying who the thief was,” the reporting officer said.