Arrests and Citations

Published 1:04 am Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The following arrests and citations, a list of those occurring between Jan. 25 and Jan. 28, have been reported by the Decatur County Jail and Bainbridge Public Safety:
• Esther Mae Butler, 19, Colquitt, Ga., bench warrant, o/c DUI, SO;
• Tom Jeffery Jones Jr., 33, 207 W. Broad St., Climax, child molestation, (4 cts); aggravated child molestation, enticing a child for indecent purposes, SO;
• Gregory Bernard Murphy, 42, 119 McGregory Ave., Attapulgus, burglary (2nd degree) 2 cts., SO;
• Kenneth Edward Smith, 28, 126 Dollar Dr., Bainbridge, brake lights and turn signals required, DUI/alcohol, GSP;
• David Lee Swinney, 25, Scottsdale, Ariz., probation violation, o/c possession of marijuana by an inmate, SO;
• Veronica Markesia Bryant, 23, 1627 Pine St., Bainbridge, no insurance, disregard stop sign, expired vehicle tag or decal, BPS;
• Daniel Leonard Edwards, 26, 1039 Vada Road, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;
• Darrel Lamar Edwards, 29, 603 West St., Apt. B, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;
• Elijah Charles Edwards, 21, 1101 3rd St., Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;
• Sherie Renee Handsford, 32, 809 Williams St., Bainbridge, no insurance, BPS;
• Ryan Oneal Harris, 20, 1632 Mitchell St., Bainbridge, simple battery, disorderly conduct, BPS;
• Maria Jesus, 41, 116 Joiner Road, Cairo, speeding (15-18 miles over), driving without license, BPS;
• Danielle Kendrick, 27, 601 Pine St., Bainbridge, driving while license withdrawn, BPS;
• Jarvis Lee McCray, 25, 123 Bainbridge St., Bainbridge, possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz., BPS;
• Richard Mairmon Palancio, 32, Colquitt, Ga., possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz., BPS;
• Trent Latvies Richardson, 34, 2675 Newton Road, Bainbridge, driving while license withdrawn, no insurance, loud radio/tape player audible 100 ft., BPS;
• Maria Concepcion Ventura, 38, 244 Pine Forest Road, Bainbridge, driving without license, following too close, BPS;
• Brian Sharod Wilson, 29, 600 N. Lamar St., Bainbridge, DUI, BPS;
• Shaniqua Chevette Footman, 21, 108 S. Simms St., 6F, Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;
• Robert Lee Fuller, 25, 2518 Old Whigham Road, Bainbridge, probation violation, BPS;
• Kiara Lashae Jones, 17, 900 Carter St., Bainbridge, disorderly conduct, BPS;
• Sandra Yvonne Lowe, 55, 1530 S. Washington St., Bainbridge, DUI, reckless conduct (misd.) GPS;
• Stacey Lane McMillan, 37, 474 Antioch Church Road, Bainbridge, probation violation, theft by shoplifting (1st), failure to send child to school, BPS;
• Anthony James Cooper, 33, 120 E. Judith Drive, Bainbridge, open container, DUI (1st offense), parole violation, SO;
• Kristen Diane Rykard, 37, 100 Back Tee Court, Bainbridge, open container, DUI/alcohol, failure to maintain lane, GSP.

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