Remembering Dad

Published 7:43 pm Friday, June 17, 2011

As a Facebook user, it is interesting to note the number of family members who have posted old photos of their fathers this week as their profile photo in honor of Father’s Day.

It is also a bit startling to suddenly see a photo of your father, husband, grandfather, whoever, when he was in his 20s or younger.

To those of us who are much older than that, it brings back many memories of those years and of times when children were young, and so were we. It also makes us wonder where the time went.

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Many of those fathers pictured on Facebooks are gone from us today.

If you are fortunate enough to still have a father around on this Father’s Day, we hope you will show your love and appreciation. Make it a day for remembering and appreciating the good times spent together, and thank him for all he has done for you.