Stray cats

Published 10:00 am Thursday, May 12, 2011

A lot has been in our newspaper lately about cat hoarders and stray cats. I know that we were all horrified by those pictures.

Here’s another story about strays.

I met a cat named Storm. And when I met him, he was in his older years. A sweet lady had looked after him, had left out food and fresh water. She tried to be his friend and protect him when she could. But she could barely take care of herself, and then she went away.

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But Storm had neighbors that took over the job of caring for him. And Storm took care of his new friends! He was always on “Mouse patrol,” and whenever a watchful eye was needed, you could count on Storm! He was a pretty big boy—not to be messed with.

At 17, old age and diabetes finally took him from us. Many friends grieve for him, and he is sorely missed.

Storm was not “just a cat.” He was a beloved cat person. He was not an insignificant “thing.” He had a wonderful soul that luckily I was given the grace to touch briefly.

The love for creatures is strong for some of us. Hoarders are driven by this love, I think, caring too much for helpless animals, and thinking that no one else cares. I feel that way a lot of the time as I watch how many helpless pets pass through our Humane Society’s doors. And as I watch our city and county twiddle their thumbs!

But, if even once, you are lucky enough to touch an animal’s soul, you might also someday be lucky enough to touch God.

Sally Miller

Bainbridge, Ga.